The Web has created opportunities for new types of resumes. Those who take advantage of the power of this new medium have an advantage over other job candidates. Visit these Web sites and ask yourself the following questions as you look at the online resumes:

How are online resumes different from traditional resumes?
How do online resumes have an advantage over traditional resumes?
What are some characteristics of the Internet that can be used to your advantage when designing a resume?
How are these individuals taking advantage of the Internet as a medium to communicate?
What do you view as advantages of using online resumes?

Mike Swartzbeck's Online Resume

Allan Trautman's Online Resume

Use the online resume to showcase your talents and skills. Well designed and interesting online resumes set creative job seekers apart from others. Creating an exceptional online resume takes planning and careful thought. Online resumes take different forms. Some may be an electronic version of a text-based resume. Others may be home pages with links to resources that showcase a person's work and expertise.

Before you begin, think about your goals and what you would like to accomplish with an online resume. Your primary goal is to find a job. You will need to determine whether to create your online resume yourself or hire a resume service. If you are creating an electronic resume on your own, consider whether you want to develop your own home page for your resume or use an online database service to post your resume.

Search Resume Builder Sites from Tripod. Visit a few resume builder sites.

Here are seven essential elements of electronic resumes.

1. The text must be properly formatted as an ASCII test file.

2. Showcase your experience and education.

3. Provide an email hyperlink to contact your by email.

4. Use nouns as keywords to describe your experience. Nouns, rather than action words are used by electronic databases so you will have a better chance of being found online.

5. Use white space to make it easier to read and more visually appealing.

6. Keep track of the number of visitors to you page by adding a counter.

7. Be sure your page gets maximum exposure to potential employers by listed it with several search engines. Know the selection criteria for each of these search engines.

Your assignment is to attach a resume that you might submit on line to your to your personal web page for the course.  This needs to be up by 4:00 on Friday, 11/26.


Adapted from Student Resource Guide to the Internet: Student Success Online by Cynthia B. Leshin.