Campus Tours

Building I courtyard

Choose a walking, art or motorized tour to explore the inspiring environment that is the Harper College main campus. 

Walking Tours

How many classrooms does Harper have? What is our oldest building? What is our newest building? Did you know there was a Subway on campus? Take an indoor and outdoor walking tour of campus to visit the different buildings and select classrooms and labs.

Art Tours

Did you know that the Harper College Educational Foundation Art Collection consists of more than 360 original works of painting, printmaking, drawing, photography and sculpture valued at more than $1.8 Million? Participate in our indoor and outdoor art tour to view these inspirational pieces and learn about their history.

Motorized Tours

How much has Harper changed in the last 50 years? Ride along on a motorized tour to see Harper’s beautiful campus and hear how a wide open plot of farmland and horse stables became a sprawling institution serving more than 35,000 students annually. A limited number of art selections from the Harper College Educational Foundation Art Collection will also be viewed on this tour. Motorized tours are outdoor only (weather permitting). Space is limited.