CRRSAA (HEERF II) Student Emergency Aid Application Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Students who are enrolled in Spring 2021 or Summer 2021 courses, except personal
enrichment or community education classes, are eligible to receive funds through the
Student Emergency Aid application process. Receipt of other support, such as
financial aid, grants, or Hawks Care resources, does not make you ineligible to apply.
We encourage all students to apply for emergency aid if they have financial need.

To receive funding, students must complete and submit the CRRSAA Student
Emergency Aid application.

Students can receive funds once per semester.

Award disbursements will be processed on Fridays. You should receive your
emergency aid grant award within two weeks after submission of your application. If
you are receiving your award via direct deposit, funds should be available 2-3 days
after the award is processed. Checks will be mailed on Fridays to the mailing address
on file. We encourage you to check and update your address at:

Funding amounts will vary based on each student’s application and individual
circumstances. The minimum amount eligible students will receive is $260.

The amount of your award is based on your unique financial needs and the information
provided. The application review committee will review applications to determine the
amount of the award and in cases of critical need, students will be contacted by Hawks
Care resource center staff for additional support.

Harper is using an online emergency aid application process to give students with
financial need the ability to request funding. Applications will be reviewed and awards
will be distributed to eligible students via check or direct deposit within two weeks of
application submission.

Awards are only provided to eligible students once per semester. If you already
received funds in the current semester, your application will be rejected. Any other
reasons for not awarding funds will be provided in the award decision letter.

Harper College is dedicated to helping all its students. CRRSAA Student Emergency
Aid grants are available to all students enrolled in Spring 2021 and/or Summer 2021,
excluding community education or personal enrichment classes, regardless of
citizenship or immigration status.

You should receive a confirmation email once you submit your application. Award
decisions will also be sent to you once your application is reviewed and an award
amount has been determined. You should receive this email within two weeks of
application submission.

While Harper’s Business Office staff is working remotely, we cannot accept new direct
deposit set up submissions.

The intent of the emergency aid grant award is to provide financial assistance to keep
students enrolled and engaged in school throughout the pandemic. Emergency aid
grants can be used for your costs of attending Harper or for emergency costs caused
by COVID-19, such as tuition, food, housing, health care, mental health care, or
childcare. You get to decide how you use your emergency aid grant within these

Yes, after you cash or deposit your check or receive your direct deposit, you can use
those funds to pay the outstanding balance on your student account.

For questions or concerns about emergency aid grants at Harper, contact the One
Stop at or call the HEERF hotline at 847.925.6484.

No, this is a grant that does not require repayment. 

No, your financial aid package and all other financial aid, including scholarships, are
not impacted by these funds. Additionally, this funding is not counted as income in
calculating a family’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

No, CRRSAA funds are not taxable income. For more information, please see the
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) bulletin Emergency aid granted to students due to
COVID is not taxable (March 30, 2021).