Harper, DePaul Team Up for Smooth Student Transfer

A new Harper College partnership will allow students to start their education on Harper's campus and transfer seamlessly to complete a bachelor's degree at DePaul University.

The DePaul Admissions Partnership Program offers students access to both Harper and DePaul counselors, faculty and special events and locks in DePaul bachelor degree requirement for three years after a student signs on.

The agreement comes as an increased number of students are recognizing the value of beginning their higher education journey at a two-year school.

"We are committed to the success of all students, and this partnership is a great step forward for those who have a goal of completing a four-year degree," says Sheryl Otto, Harper's Dean of Student Development. "This agreement makes the transfer process far less daunting, and, amid the lengthening economic downturn, offers the priceless opportunity to start an education here while also working toward a degree at DePaul."

DePaul consistently is one of the most popular transfer schools for Harper students. Statewide, it is Illinois' largest private school destination for community college alumni.

"The new DePaul Admissions Partnership Program provides access to a top-tier university to many students who, for a variety of reasons, may not have thought it was possible," said Lois Bishop, director of community college partnerships at DePaul.

Harper holds transfer agreements with more than 100 four-year colleges and universities across the state and the nation, with an eye on easing the transfer process for those seeking four-year degrees.

Press Contact: Erin Brooks, Media Relations Specialist, 847.925.6159.