With Eye on Job Creation, Harper Offers Help to High-Growth Businesses

With an eye on local job growth, Harper College's Small Business Development Center has launched a new initiative aimed specifically at helping high-growth small businesses - offering guidance and resources for entrepreneurs whose ideas have the potential to take off, and pay off, quickly.

The program, funded by Federal Small Business Jobs Act grant, is based on the belief that small businesses that stand to generate $3 million to $5 million in the next five years also hold the potential for quick expansion, potentially creating dozens of jobs in the community.

"Our ultimate focus is on that job growth," says Carl Mattes, the Harper College small business specialist who's heading up the program. "We need to be there to advise these companies so they can grow as we anticipate they will, and they can begin to hire."

As part of the effort, he and others are available to meet one-on-one with entrepreneurs in high-growth businesses, serving as a sounding board as they work through the process of launching their venture and forging the right connections to effectively get it off the ground.

Mattes also plans to create targeted networking events that puts them face-to-face with third-party experts in key areas - from accounting to law - who can help them going forward.

"These entrepreneurs have great, viable business ideas, but they're not necessarily skilled in every key area of operating a business," Mattes says. "Our job is to point them in the right direction, and advise them in filling those voids."

The program runs through September 2012.

Harper's Small Business Development Center also provides counseling and resources to other local entrepreneurs to help them start, grow and expand their businesses.

For an appointment, call the center at 847.925.6520. It's located in the Harper Professional Center, 650 E. Higgins Road in Schaumburg.

Press Contact: Erin Brooks, 847.925.6159.