Donated Tanker Trailer Joins Truck Driving Program

Last December, Brian Fields completed Harper College's month-long truck driving training program. In the year since, he has secured a top-paying specialty - he can now drive tanker trucks - and a game plan for someday owning his own line.

"I have a system. I work it like a business," says Fields, who earned his A+ computer certification at Harper before tackling the trucking program. "If you're good at what you're doing, you can make this pay well."

With an eye on producing more success stories like Fields', the College this week formally added a donated tanker trailer to its driving program's ranks - further bolstering students' marketability in an industry that already suffers from a shortage of qualified drivers.

The tanker trailer, a donation from the Oak Brook-based Superior Bulk Logistics, Inc., is a rarity among programs nationwide, and will give students immediate access to a specialty with earning power.

"There are jobs - a lot of jobs - in this industry as it is. Sometimes our students are hired when they're still enrolled in our program; others are hired on the spot afterward," says Norma Nerstrom, the College's Continuing Education Career Training manager. "This tanker will offer our students even more of an edge by preparing them more thoroughly for the road and for career success."

Harper's four-week truck driving training program includes classroom, yard and on-the-road experience. Students who finish are able to take the state licensure exam at the College immediately as part of the program.

The class is offered nearly every month.

"I wanted to start a new career, and this was the perfect opportunity," says Fields, who has a military and law enforcement background and plans to attend the tanker dedication. "It's an ever-evolving business, and it requires a lot of you, but you could have a job the next week."

Press Contact: Erin Brooks, 847.925.6159