Adult English Literacy (ELA)

You are important to our college and community. We can help you learn basic English to prepare for a better job, help your children with their homework, or become U.S. Citizens.

  • 001/002 Beginning ESL Literacy
  • 003/004 High Beginning ESL
  • 005/006 Low Intermediate ESL
  • 007/008 Intermediate ESL
  • 009/010 Advanced ESL

There are also special classes such as citizenship preparation, employment skills, vocabulary and conversation.

Start Today

Step 1: Attend an info session (plan to be there for two hours). Note: All ELA Information Sessions are held at the Learning and Career Center at 1375 South Wolf Road in Prospect Heights, IL. RSVP here. 

Step 2: Make an appointment for testing after attending orientation (plan to be there for four hours).

Classes are held at these locations. Call 847.925.6015 to register.



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