Art on Campus

Art Exhibition Space

The College's Art Exhibition Space (Building C, Room C200) provides a critical component to the art curriculum at Harper. The exhibits presented in this gallery offer students direct contact with professional artists, the installation process and works of art, all within close proximity to where students are studying and practicing their own art.

Art faculty use this space to teach students how to observe, write and think critically about contemporary art. Students also gain insight into the decisions that artists and curators confront when installing exhibits. Each year about eight exhibits are presented that broaden students' awareness of the ever-increasing possibilities embodied by art.

Our gallery shows include solo, group, national, student and faculty exhibits, and all are free and open to the community. Learn more about current, upcoming and past shows in the Art Exhibition Space.

Visiting Artist Program

The Visiting Artist Program provides a variety of venues for students and faculty to observe and interact with artists. Participating artists conduct activities such as slide presentations, exhibit talks, critiques of student work, demonstrations and workshops. These activities are intended to help participants gain a better understanding of the context in which today's artists create their works. Most of these activities are free and open to the public.

Art Collection

The Harper College Educational Foundation Art Collection consists of more than 250 original works of art valued at over $695,000. It provides a resource in which to explore the arts in addition to making the campus a more beautiful and interesting environment for learning. Located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, the captivating collection is home to notable art works that provide community residents a local source of inspiration. In 2008, the College hosted a 40th Anniversary Art Invitational, celebrating the College's anniversary, its long history of collecting art, and the evolution of  the artists represented in our permanent collection.

Display Areas

Display areas located in Buildings C, P and L hallways provide constantly changing exhibits of current student Art work. Some of the larger scheduled exhibits are also presented in these spaces.