Online Courses at Harper College

An online course is delivered via the World Wide Web. This technology allows students that have access to a computer and the Internet to attend class. Many of the online classes offered at Harper College use the very popular Blackboard learning management system to facilitate coursework and virtual classroom interaction between students, their peers, and faculty members. Students will also use email, discussion boards, and collaboration tools in lieu of the traditional face-to-face interaction of the classroom. It is up to the individual faculty member's discretion as to whether or not there will be a mandatory on campus orientation at the beginning of the semester.

Online Course Listings

  • Search for an online course by going to the Class Schedule Search page on the Student Information System, and perform a Search by Term (ie. Spring, Summer, Fall, Credit or Non-Credit) and select the Submit button.
  • Select the Subject from the Subject area and Online from the Instructional Method area first to narrow your search)
  • Select any additional options and select the Class Search button.

Study Tips for Online Courses

There are many different ways to study successfully for an online class. You are encouraged to find the way that works best for you and use it throughout your course.

The following list of tips were created by former students who found them to be especially helpful. Please read this list and adopt the tips you think might be useful for you.

  • Buy all required course materials. Information provided on the Web does not take the place of your textbook and/or other materials.
  • Arrange for easy access to a computer with an Internet connection.
  • Create a personal (not shared) email account so you receive all course-related messages.
  • Read each assignment as well as the information on the course Web site. Don't substitute one for the other as they both have important information in them.
  • Check your course Web site at least three times a week for announcements, course information, new discussion postings and assignment specifications.
  • Complete assignments on time and send them in at least 4 hours before the actual time due in case Internet connection problems occur.
  • Set up a study schedule and stick with it to help you avoid falling behind in the class.
  • Study in an environment where you will not be interrupted by noise.
  • Contact your professor by email well in advance of due dates as you may need to wait 48 hours for a response to your questions.
  • Contact Technical Support by email or telephone whenever you have computer hardware or software problems.

Top Reasons for Taking an Online Course at Harper College

  • Students can attend class anytime day or night 7 days a week
  • Online courses are very collaborative, allowing students to have input on discussion topics
  • The number of online resources for a class are only limited by a student's imagination
  • The students and instructor work together to make the course a meaningful experience
  • A diverse group of students provides a unique experience that further enriches course content