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Rock and Roll

Rock & Roll

This course examines the poetics of rock and roll lyrics, compares works of poetry to rock and roll lyrics with similar themes, explores the history of rock and roll and its impact on society and culture, and provides instruction in the conventions of academic writing and research.
*Fulfills requirements for English 102 AND Fine Arts & Humanities. You must register for both classes at the same time.

ENG102-LW1, CRN 33083
Instructor: Maggie McKinley
IAI C1 901R

LIT105-LW1, CRN 33084
Instructor: Kurt Hemmer

IAI H3 903

Total Credits: 6

Examined Life

The Examined Life

This course examines an array of penetrating philosophical and literary works that confront the concept of living a meaningful life amidst the troubling events we encounter.
*This class fulfills a Humanities requirement. You must register for both classes at the same time.

ENG102-LW3, CRN 33086
Instructor: Kurt Hemmer
IAI C1 901R

PHI105-LW3, CRN 33087
Instructor: John Garcia
IAI H4 900

Total Credits:  6

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First Year Seminar and English Learning Communities

This online First Year Seminar course is linked with an online class English course.

You must register for both classes at the same time.

FYS101-0WL, CRN 33091  and  ENG100-0WL, CRN 33090 7 credits Marianne Fontes and Marianne Fontes


FYS101-0WN, CRN 33095 and ENG101-0WN, CRN 33094 6 credits Kimberly Jaeger Nichols and Josh Sunderbuch WEB

FYS101-0WO, CRN 33098 and ENG101-0WO, CRN 33097 6 credits Monica Shirley and Stephanie Whalen WEB

FYS101-0WP, CRN 33100 and ENG101- 0WP, CRN 33099 6 credits Robert Allare and Paul Peterson WEB

FYS101-0WQ, CRN 33102 and ENG101- 0WQ, CRN 33101 6 credits Elizabeth Ward and Steven Titus


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