Learning Communities Faculty

From collaborating with colleagues to working more closely with students, faculty members find teaching a Learning Community is very fulfilling. Information specifically for faculty.

Faculty Academic Division Email
Gary Anderson BUS/SS ganderso@harpercollege.edu
Jennifer Bell AEE jbell@harpercollege.edu
Margaret Bilos
LIB ARTS mbilos@harpercollege.edu
Shante Bishop
AEE sbishop@harpercollege.edu
Brian Cremins
LIB ARTS bcremins@harpercollege.edu
Susan Dennis
CE sdennis@harpercollege.edu
Tom DePalma BUS/SS tdepalma@harpercollege.edu
Monica Edwards
BUS/SS medwards@harpercollege.edu
Marianne Farinas de Leon
AEE mfarinas@harpercollege.edu
Patti Ferguson
LIB ARTS pferguso@harpercollege.edu
Eugene Flynn
BUS/SS eflynn@harpercollege.edu
Kathleen Foldvary
BUS/SS kfoldvar@harpercollege.edu
Linda Frank
STU DEV lfrank@harpercollege.edu
Brett Fulkerson-Smith
LIB ARTS bfulkers@harpercollege.edu
John Garcia
LIB ARTS jgarcia@harpercollege.edu
Kurt Hemmer
LIB ARTS khemmer@harpercollege.edu
Greg Herriges
LIB ARTS gherrige@harpercollege.edu
Leslye Hess
CP lhess@harpercollege.edu
Katie Hollis
MS khollis@harpercollege.edu
Robin James
BUS/SS rjames@harpercollege.edu
Keith Jensen
LIB ARTS kjensen@harpercollege.edu
Richard Johnson
LIB ARTS rjohnson@harpercollege.edu
Maria Knuth
AEE mknuth@harpercollege.edu
Judy Kulchawik
AEE jkulchaw@harpercollege.edu
Seema Kurup
LIB ARTS skurup@harpercollege.edu
Kevin Long
LIB ARTS klong@harpercollege.edu
Richard Middleton-Kaplan
LIB ARTS rkaplan@harpercollege.edu
George Mochocki
BUS/SS gmochock@harpercollege.edu
Bhasker Moorthy
MS bmoorthy@harpercollege.edu
Veronica Mormino
BUS/SS vmormino@harpercollege.edu
Judi Nitsch
LIB ARTS mnitsch@harpercollege.edu
Jamie Nolan
BUS/SS jnolan@harpercollege.edu
Karen Patterson
LIB ARTS kpatters@harpercollege.edu
Paul Peterson AEE ppeterso@harpercollege.edu
Pearl Ratunil
LIB ARTS pratunil@harpercollege.edu
Jane Suárez del Real
AEE jsuarezd@harpercollege.edu
Stephany Rimland
LIB ARTS srimland@harpercollege.edu
Barbara Solheim
LIB ARTS bsolheim@harpercollege.edu
Bobby Summers
BUS/SS bsummers@harpercollege.edu
Jose Vital
CP jvital@harpercollege.edu
James Vitullo
LIB ARTS jvitullo@harpercollege.edu
Stephanie Whalen
AEE swhalen@harpercollege.edu
LaVonya Williams
STU DEV lwilliam@harpercollege.edu
Andrew Wilson
LIB ARTS awilson@harpercollege.edu
Judith Zaplatynsky
BUS/SS jzaplaty@harpercollege.edu
Marie Farber-Lapidus  BUS/SS mfarberl@harpercollege.edu