Harper College and DAPP

DePaul Admission Partnership Program

If you plan to complete your bachelor's degree by starting at Harper College and transferring
to DePaul, you are not alone. More than 1,000 undergraduate students begin at a community
college and transfer to DePaul every year. And with DAPP, you can make a smooth transition
to DePaul, without losing any time or credits.

DAPP is designed to get you on the right track right away and keep you there throughout
your college career.

You'll get many benefits from DAPP:

  • Once you join DAPP, your DePaul degree requirements will remain the same for three years.
  • You'll meet regularly with a DePaul transfer admission counselor who will help you select courses at Harper and provide you with progress reports on your degree plan. You can meet with your DePaul admission counselor at Harper, as well as talk by phone or online.
  • You'll be invited to DePaul faculty presentations and workshops for transfer students.
  • You'll receive regular communications from DePaul about transfer announcements and campus events.
  • You may qualify for the DAPP scholarship.
  • When you're ready to transfer, you'll be eligible for DePaul's Accelerated Transfer Admission (ATA) process, which gives you the opportunity to receive an immediate admission decision.

To participate in DAPP, you must have graduated from high school and have fewer than
30 semester (45 quarter) hours of college-level credit. You may join before you even enroll
at Harper.

To remain in the DAPP program, you must be in "good standing" at Harper. This means
that you are eligible to enroll for classes. You also must be in good standing when you
transfer to DePaul.

If you are seriously considering transferring to DePaul, you should join DAPP. To get the
maximum benefits from DAPP, sign up as soon as possible-even before you enroll in your first
Harper course. Just follow these steps:

  • Apply for admission to DePaul as a Harper transfer student at depaul.edu/apply. As you complete the application, a new window will open asking if you want to participate in DAPP.
  • On the application, indicate when you intend to transfer and your major. You may identify yourself as an "undeclared major." Notify DePaul if you change your mind about transferring, the date you plan to transfer or your chosen major.
  • Notify your Harper advisor that you are participating in DAPP so they can direct you to the right resources.

Once you've joined DAPP, you will need to:

  • Meet with your DePaul transfer admission counselor twice a year and follow the academic degree plan created. In addition to keeping you on track, this will allow you to participate in DePaul's ATA process.
  • Maintain continuous enrollment (at least two courses per term, not including summer) at Harper.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher and remain in good standing. You also must maintain eligibility for admission to DePaul and the college of your choice (the College of Commerce and the College of Education require cumulative transfer GPAs of 2.5).
  • Submit updated transcripts at the end of each semester to DePaul's Office of Undergraduate Admission. You also must provide a final official transcript from Harper when you transfer.
  • Complete the final steps of the admission process and enroll as a transfer student at DePaul within three academic

Get in touch with a DePaul admission counselor. Please identify yourself as a DAPP student.

  • Contact DePaul by phone: 312.362.8300 or 800.4DEPAUL
  • Email DePaul: DAPP@depaul.edu

Learn more about DAPP (DePaul Admission Partnership Program).