Additional Resources

Harper Campus Rec want to offer you a variety of educational resources regarding fitness, exercise, managing stress and mindfulness.

Fitness and Exercise

The Key to Lifelong​ Health? Moving Every Day​. Source: Outside Online; July 2020

Want ​to Improve Blood Flow to Your Brain? Exercise​ Source: Psychology Today​​; May 2020​

​​​Scientific Facts to Fuel Good Health During the COVID-19 Crisis​  Source: LesMills (Research  Review); March 2020

Exercise Boosts Motor Skill Learning​  Source: Neuroscience News; May 2020

Daily Steps and Health: Walking Your Way to Better Health   Source: American College of Sports Medicine; June 2019

Tips for Monitoring Aerobic Exercise Intensity (Includes Infographic)  Source: American College of Sports Medicine; n.d.

Physical Activity and Function in Older Age: It's Never Too Late to Start! Source: American College of Sports Medicine; September 2019

Managing Stress

CDC Guidelines for Managing Stress and Coping During COVID-19​  Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention; March 2020

Strategies for Dealing with Stress Source: American Council on Exercise; April 2020

Stress Management Tips for a Better Life Source: Piedmont Healthcare; May 2020

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty Source: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention; March 2020

Mindfulness Resources

Stay Mindful During Exercise Source: Exercise Right; January 2019

8 Steps to Mindful Eating Source: Harvard Health Publishing; January 2016

Why an Attitude of Gratitude is Essential Source: Lifehack Online; April 2020

Additional Virtual Offerings

Campus Recreation wants you to stay fit and active as we physically distance. Download the free and paid 3rd party programming or the digital coaching provided by LifeFitness and Matrix. We also offer daily virtual workouts by our certified fitness instructors.Learn more.

Free 3rd Party Workouts

Downdog App

Fitness Blender

Pop Sugar Fitness

The Fitness Marshall

American Heart Association Move More Initiative


Paid 3rd Party Workouts

Les Mills on Demand

Peloton Home App

Pilates Anytime


Free Exercise Libraries/Digital Coaching



Live Virtual Fitness Workout Schedules:

Note: When beginning any new exercise program, check with your physician first. Participants should listen to their bodies, work at their own pace and cease any exercise that causes pain to reduce and avoid injury. By performing any of the suggested exercises, you are performing them at your own risk and Harper College will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you may sustain as a result of the online fitness videos, information shared on our website, in emails, and through social media. Thank you for your understanding.


Last Updated: 6/21/22