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Student Development Courses and Seminars

Credit Courses

Several different classroom experiences are offered for academic credit by the Student Development Division. First Year Experience (FYE 101) provides exposure to strategies necessary to adapt to the college environment and assists students in developing initial career and educational goals. First Year Seminar (FYS 101) Focus on Your Future provides support for undecided students in identifying their Area of Interest. Humanistic Psychology (PSY 107) facilitates personal growth and development through the exploration of self-understanding, confidence, motivation, clarification of goals and relationships. Topics in Psychology (PSY 108) allows students the opportunity to examine current issues. Topics covered during a particular semester are listed in the semester course schedule. Career Development (CDV 110) provides students with the opportunity to explore career interests, experiences, skills, abilities and work related values and examine information about the world of work in order to develop educational and career goals. Exploring Diversity in the United States (DIV 101) focuses on culture and other diversity issues and topics; students will have the opportunity to discuss dimensions of their own cultures and cultures of others as well as examine discrimination and prejudice between groups and the impact of these power differences on people's lives.

Noncredit Seminars

Noncredit group seminars on a variety of topics are also offered each semester. Mailings, posters and brochures will inform students of these offerings. Students may request additional information by visiting any of the Student Development Centers.

Last Updated: 11/6/19