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Over 9,700 students were awarded $27 million in scholarships, grants and tuition waivers through Harper College in 2018-2019. Visit Scholarships for more information.

Harper College Donor Sponsored Scholarships

The Harper College Educational Foundation provides funding for more than 160 scholarships thanks to the generosity of Harper College donors and alumni. These scholarships are awarded based on the detail and quality of your essays, and the scholarship criteria. Many scholarships for the following Fall and Spring semesters open in early March and may close in early May.

Harper College Institutional Scholarships

Many institutional scholarships are offered by Harper in recognition of students who exhibit academic excellence, artistic talent, strong leadership skills or service to their communities. These scholarship programs may pay for part or all of the student's first two years of college.

External Scholarships

External scholarships are awarded to students by community organizations, workplaces, faith institutions, local businesses and others. Students must apply for these scholarships individually and they are awarded by the scholarship sponsors. (see List of External Scholarship Opportunities)


Last Updated: 11/6/19