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Approximately one week after the course ends, the student will receive a grade for each class in which he or she was officially enrolled. Students may view grades on MyHarper Student Portal. Students attending without registering and paying for a class will not be allowed to receive a grade once the semester ends. Appeals requesting that a grade be removed from an official transcript will not be approved as this is the student official academic record.

The official grade point average is computed on the basis of final grades awarded at the end of each semester or term. 

Grade Points

Grade points are numerical values which indicate the scholarship level of the letter grades. Grade points are assigned according to the following scale:

Grade Significance Grade Point
 A Superior 4.0
 B Good 3.0
 C Average 2.0
 D Poor 1.0
 F Failure .0
FG F Grade Forgiven .0
H Audit .0
IP In Progress .0
NR Not reported by Instructor .0
NP Not passed .0
P Pass .0
W Withdrawal .0
X Incomplete .0

The following classes are not computed in the semester cumulative grade point average and students will receive a grade of P or NP:

  • Communication Skills: all courses
  • English as a Second Language: all courses
  • Course work with an R designation after the grade indicates that the course is a developmental course (AR, BR, CR, DR, PR, etc.) not included in grade point average.
  • Course work with a V designation after the grade indicates that the course is a vocational skills course (AV, BV, CV, DV, etc.) not included in grade point average.

CRD - Miscellaneous credit - AP, CLEP, Proficiency, or Articulated credit - not included in grade point average.

Academic Standing will be processed at the end of each semester.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit is designated with a T followed by the letter grade originally earned in the course of A, B, C, or D. Only the credit hours (not grades) are accepted. Prior to Spring 2009, transfer credit is designated with a T grade.

Incomplete Grades

A student may be assigned a grade of X (incomplete) for unfinished work in a course provided the work was incomplete because of circumstances deemed to be unavoidable or uncontrollable (to be determined by the instructor). The work to be completed will be assigned by the instructor. The unfinished work must be satisfactorily completed by the midterm of the following 16-week semester. Failure to do so will result in a grade of F

Last Updated: 12/22/17