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Distribution of Literature Policy

I. Purpose

This section outlines the policy and procedures regarding distribution of literature and dissemination of information on the Harper College campus by individuals, registered student organizations, and non-profit groups or agencies.

II. Policy

A. Individuals, registered student organizations, and non-profit groups may distribute literature and disseminate information on campus in accordance with the following time, place, and manner regulations which are intended to promote freedom of expression while preventing interference with the free flow of traffic and with regular activities and operations of the College.

  1. Unregulated distribution of literature has the potential to disrupt College activities, functions, and services; interfere with pedestrian traffic; pose safety hazards; contribute to clutter, litter, and cause visual blight; and result in expenses for cleanup, handling, and environmental costs.
  2. Public spaces, including sidewalks, lobbies, courtyards, hallways, and other paths, thoroughfares, and open areas must be maintained so as to permit orderly and safe access and travel for pedestrians, and where appropriate, bicycles and other vehicles. Literature may be distributed by hand in public spaces outside buildings, as long as the distribution does not cause disruption or other adverse effects as noted above. Small handouts pertaining to College functions or activities may be distributed by hand in public spaces inside buildings, so long as the distribution does not cause disruption or other adverse effects, as noted above.
  3. Leafleting is not permitted inside College buildings except at reserved tables as explained in III.B.2, below.

B. The sponsoring organization or individual may be held responsible for costs of cleanup associated with the distribution of information and literature in violation of this policy. A student organization which violates the policy is also subject to the Student Conduct Code and to administrative responses that could affect the organization's future use of College facilities or other privileges afforded to it by the College.

C. Permission to distribute materials does not imply College endorsement of views expressed in the materials.

III. Procedures

A. Outdoor distribution of literature and other expressive activity

  1. Any person may distribute literature by hand or communicate information on outdoor areas of the College campus which are open to the general public. Distribution of literature that is obscene or pornographic is prohibited.
  2. Outdoor distribution of literature from information tables is restricted to designated areas in the paved area of the Quad surrounding the bust of William Rainey Harper. Official College functions such as Graduation and the Student Involvement Fair are exceptions to these procedures.

a. Two table spaces will be made available on a first come, first served basis, except that registered student organizations shall have priority for reservations.

b. Individuals, registered student organizations, and non-profit groups or agencies may not reserve more than one outdoor table space for a particular date.

c. Requests to distribute literature from outdoor information tables should be made through the Center for Student Involvement, which will then place approved requests through Conference and Event Services.

d. Tables must be attended by a representative of the reserving organization.

3. Materials shall not be distributed by placing copies on or in vehicles (including bicycles) on College property.

B. Indoor distribution

1. Registered student organizations, individual students, campus departments, outside non-profit groups or agencies, and individuals sponsored by a Harper College organization or department may distribute literature in the indoor locations designated in III.B.2., as described below. Materials may not be distributed in offices, laboratories, classrooms, or other non-designated locations except as part of official College functions, and shall not be distributed in a manner that would cause disruption to the regular activities of the College.

2. The entities and individuals described in III.B.1. above may distribute literature from indoor information tables at designated areas in the Student Center in Building A, Building D, Building J, Building L, and Building Z (Building D, L and Z are limited to internal College groups and representatives of four-year colleges and universities).

a. The space is available only upon advance request, which shall be obtained by filing a reservation form with the Center for Student Involvement, Building A 336, 847.925.6242. The Associate Dean of Students or designee will review the requests and then place reservations for approved requests through Conference and Event Services.

b. Space shall be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, provided that:

  • In Building J, College representatives (both of Harper and of four-year institutions) will   have priority.
  • In all other areas, Harper student clubs and organizations will have priority.
  • These and additional locations may be identified by Student Involvement for use by representatives of colleges and universities who visit campus to provide students with information about educational opportunities at four-year institutions.

Use of a designated area should be requested at least five days prior to the desired date of use, whenever possible. Requests for a subsequent semester will not be accepted earlier than six weeks prior to the beginning of that semester.

c. There may be official College functions or large events requiring the use of space or tables. Should this occur, alternative date(s) and/or location(s) may be offered to the entity making the request. No displays or distribution shall be conducted in the Building A Student Lounge when that area is reserved for an activity.

d. Tables will be provided by the College, and displays may not exceed 4' x 8' in size. Tables are available during the common hours of the College. Table areas are subject to change, based on facility needs. These are the designated table/display areas that may be reserved:

  • Building A/Student Center: One table along the south corridor of the Student Center Lounge.
  • Building D: A maximum of one table near Starbucks or in the Rotunda Under the TV Monitor.
  • Building J: One table along the north wall by the events sign in the Business & Social Science Center.
  • Building L: One table in front of the bookstore, at the intersection of the hallways.
  • Building Z/Avanté concourse: A maximum of two tables in front of the glass near the Z119/Z117 signs

e. In order to allow as many groups as possible to be represented in the Student Center and Building J, a requester may reserve a space for a maximum of: two individual dates per semester.  

f. There shall be no more than one space per organization at the same time; however, if no other requests have been made by the reservation deadline, one additional display space may be reserved. There must be at least one person staffing the table/display at all times, not to exceed four people.

g. Displays may not be disruptive in nature. No sound amplification equipment may be used in the designated area.

3. Representatives of organizations or agencies may not approach individuals beyond the designated space (behind display table), and must clearly identify themselves to Harper students and other members of the College community.

4. Alcoholic beverages, narcotics, profane language, quarreling, fighting or gambling are prohibited.

5. Solicitation is prohibited, other than as descripted in the Non-Solicitation Policy.

6. The distribution of literature that is obscene or pornographic is prohibited.

7. The requester is responsible for prompt payment of any damage to College property.

8. If an organization does not staff its reserved space for two reserved dates without notifying the Manager of Conference and Event Services, the College may cancel the balance of the reserved time.

9. Violation of these regulations shall result in revocation of the requesting organization's or individual's reservation by the Manager of Conference and Event Services or by the Associate Dean of Students for the remainder of the semester or three months, whichever is longer, by service of a cancellation notice in writing upon the person who made the reservation(s). If there is a dispute as to the facts regarding the alleged violation, the party contesting the cancellation notice may, within five days of receiving the notice, request the Dean of Students to hold a meeting with the aggrieved party and the College office which canceled the reservation to review the alleged violation. The decision of the Dean of Students is final.

10. An individual or organization which wishes to register a complaint concerning another person or organization's distribution of literature or other expressive activity on campus should communicate that concern to the Associate Dean of Students, who shall cause the complaint to be investigated and shall, if appropriate, endeavor to mediate and resolve the differences between the complainant and the person or entity whose activity is the subject of the complaint.

Last Updated: 10/16/19