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Non-Solicitation Policy

Solicitation shall include any undertaking of an individual or group to promote the sale or use of a particular product or service, or a contribution to or request for support of an individual or organization. Except as otherwise provided below, this policy applies to and prohibits the following:

Soliciting in Harper College facilities or on campus by for-profit corporations, non-profit organizations, faculty, staff, students, or any other individuals. This prohibition includes personal solicitations made through campus e-mail listservs.

The following solicitation activities have been approved as exceptions to this policy:

A. Solicitations Sponsored or Authorized by the College

Harper College participates in approved charitable events, including the Annual Giving Campaign to help support student scholarships, during the year. Participation by employees is on a voluntary basis. Campus-wide solicitations for charitable organizations may not be conducted without the approval of the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services.

B. Solicitations Sponsored by Registered Student Organizations of the College

1. Student clubs and organizations are permitted to solicit funds in support of and to help subsidize their activities, and may also solicit funds on behalf of charitable organizations for purposes such as disaster relief or social awareness causes.

2. Student clubs and organizations must contact the Center for Student Involvement to request advance authorization for a solicitation event, and must submit and receive approval of a completed Event Planning and Proposal Form before initiating the sales/solicitation event.

3. Student clubs are required to adhere to all Center for Student Involvement policies regarding sales and fundraising. Funds raised must be deposited to and accounted for through the student organization's College account.

C. Signature Collection

1. Signatures for petitions or similar documents may be solicited on outdoor campus spaces, such as the Quad. To avoid impeding free access to College facilities, signatures may not be solicited directly in front of the entry way of any campus buildings.

2. No one may approach anyone inside campus buildings to solicit signatures other than these two exceptions:

a. Signatures may be collected at information tables reserved by individuals or organizations as described in the Distribution of Literature Policy.

b. The solicitation of student signatures on nominating petitions of candidates for Student Trustee and Student Government is permitted in common areas of campus buildings during designated pre-election periods.

Harassing behavior is not permitted. Individuals who engage in such conduct may be directed to leave campus or, if they are Harper students, be subject to the proceedings in the Student Code of Conduct.

Harper employees are expected to perform their duties as representatives of the College in a professional manner and to avoid misusing their positions for personal or private gain. In this regard, class lists and any other data about students to which employees may have access are to be used solely for College instructional, administrative, advising/counseling and business purposes. Use of this information for personal or business solicitation is strictly prohibited.

Last Updated: 11/6/19