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Speakers Policy

Harper College respects the right of all members of the academic community to explore and to discuss questions which interest or concern them and to express opinions, even if unpopular, publicly and privately. To further this expressive activity, registered student organizations, staff and faculty members may invite outside speakers as guest lecturers, panel participants, discussion leaders.

The procedures set out in this Policy are intended to make College facilities available to registered student organizations (RSO(s), staff, and faculty for the exercise of these rights free from disruption or interference, subject to reasonable time, place and manner restrictions. The use of College property for these purposes does not imply acceptance or endorsement of the College of the views expressed.

The staff, faculty or an authorized officer of the sponsoring RSO(s) should notify the Center for Student Involvement at least two weeks in advance by completing a program registration form, to allow for reservation of the requested space or facility or another appropriate space or facility for the program, and to enable arrangements for special security measures if warranted. One week's notification is sufficient if the program will be open to only members of the sponsoring organization, and not to other students or to the general public. The Dean of Students may waive the advance notice requirement in appropriate cases.

The sponsoring staff, faculty or RSO should also notify the Center for Student Involvement of the anticipated cost of the program, and confirm that provision has been made to pay any expenses involved in engaging the speaker(s). Officers, members of sponsoring RSO(s), and/or sponsoring staff/faculty are responsible for maintaining full compliance with all policies and regulations during the speaker’s program.  This includes any applicable College policies and regulations, including those which apply to the location in which the program is held, as well as all policies and regulations applicable under federal, state and city laws.

The Dean of Students may withdraw permission to use the reserved facility for the speaker program, or place appropriate additional conditions on the use of the facility, if the Dean determines in consultation with the Harper College Police Department that either of these steps is required in order to protect the safety of the College community or other members of the public, and/or to protect College property from damage.

Last Updated: 11/6/19