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Program Overview

This is a 15 credit-hour certificate program designed to familiarize a student with the business uses of computers. The student will gain exposure to computer concepts and computer software. This exposure will be useful to the person whose job or business requires the use of a computer.

Program Requirements


Course Number Course Title Credits
CAS 105 Word Processing Software and
CAS 115 Spreadsheet Software and
CAS 125 Database Software or
CAS 160 Introduction to Business Software Packages 1-3
CIS 100 Computer and Digital Literacy or
CIS 101 Introduction to Computer Information Systems 3

Electives: Select nine credit hours from the following:

Students must satisfy prerequisites for each course selected.

Course Number Course Title Credits
CAS 135 Presentation Software 1
CAS 175 Desktop Publishing Software 1
CAS 205 Advanced Word Processing Software 1
CAS 215 Advanced Spreadsheet Software 1
CIS 106 Computer Logic and Programming Technology 3
CIS 137 Computer Internship I 3
CIS 220 Topics in Computer Information Systems 3
CIS 230 Computer Programmer Internship 3
NET 105 IT Fundamentals 3
NET 111 A+ Hardware 3
NET 112 A+ Operating Systems Technologies 3
NET 121 Computer Networking 3
WEB 150 Web Foundations 3
WEB 170 Web Graphics and Prototyping 3
WEB 180 Web Multimedia 3
WEB 220 Flash Multimedia II 3

Gainful Employment

Non-financial aid eligible program.
Last Updated: 1/2/18