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Program Overview

NOTE: This program is being withdrawn. Its inclusion in our catalog is for those students who are finishing the requirements.

This 6 credit-hour certificate program provides basic knowledge about developmentally appropriate programming and guidance for school age care.

Program Requirements


Number Course Title Credits
ECE 226 3

Description: Understand concepts of appropriate assessment, expected educational outcomes, the teacher's responsibility in assessment and how young children develop and learn. Students will understand how appropriate assessments can measure and evaluate child growth and development and how the use of assessment tools can influence decisions in early childhood education with an emphasis on appropriate guidance techniques and strategies. Four (4) hours of observation are required.

Prerequisite: Prior or concurrent enrollment in ECE 102 with a grade of C or better.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2019 | Spring 2020

ECE 235 3

Description: Relates theory and practice of school age programming. Emphasizes program planning, implementation and assessment, use of materials, principles of growth and development, role of teacher and techniques of classroom management. Students will observe and participate in school age child care.

Class Schedule:  Fall 2019 | Spring 2020

Gainful Employment

Non-financial aid eligible program.
Last Updated: 11/6/19