Access and Disability Services

The mission of Access and Disability Services (ADS) is to advocate for positive change that makes Harper College more universally accessible. We are guided by a philosophy of social justice, providing students access to opportunities to achieve their academic and personal goals. Harper College complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008, and state and local legislation.

Students can apply for ADS services and accommodations by filling out the online form at, upload documentation about the nature and extent of their disability, then contact ADS to arrange an intake interview. The student will be interviewed and have their accommodation plan determined by an Access Advocate. ADS can assist students in arranging disability accommodations in the classroom, maintaining good academic standing, developing self-advocacy skills, and creating a post-Harper transition plan. In addition, ADS offers eligible students an opportunity to utilize a wide variety of specialized assistive technology equipment, and works closely with faculty and staff across Harper to ensure that the campus is physically, electronically and programmatically accessible to individuals with disabilities.  Social and disability cultural events and opportunities are also recognized as important to the development of the whole student and are offered each semester for the students to participate in or attend.

Services, accommodations and equipment are requested through a proprietary online system (AIM).  Students interested in securing access or services go to their student portal to manage their accommodations and make requests each semester.  Some services such as conversion of print material to digital, large print, auditory or Braille format may require six to eight weeks lead time. Availability of some services may be limited or delayed for students who submit requests late.  For questions or issues, the student should contact or stop by ADS at the earliest possible date at 847.925.6266 (voice); Deaf or Hard of Hearing callers, 224.836.5048 (Videophone).

ADS also provides information and reasonable accommodations to campus visitors. Requests should be made as early as possible to determine the availability of resources. Employees of the College who need reasonable accommodations should refer to the Human Resources Procedure Manual for information on how to request an employee accommodation.

ADS also can provide reasonable accommodations and services to pregnant students who apply for access and accommodations, in accordance with Title IX of the Educational Amendments Act. Pregnant students are afforded protections from discrimination and reasonable accommodations to allow equal access similar to a temporary disability. Title IX information is available at

Last Updated: 5/3/21