Police Department

The Harper College Police Department is a 24-hour law enforcement agency responsible for the safety and security of the Harper College community. Responsibilities of the department include enforcement of college rules and regulations, village and county ordinances and state and federal laws. In addition, the department provides traffic control, grounds and building patrol, emergency first aid, CPR and AED, jump starts and vehicle key retrieval.

Important information concerning the College's emergency preparedness for crisis and steps you can take to enhance your safety and security may be viewed at harpercollege.edu/about/police/emergency/

The Harper College Police Department, by law, is the central repository for all lost and found items recovered and stored at the college. If you have found an item, regardless of value, it must be turned over to the Harper College Police Department for safekeeping. If you have lost an item, inquire about it with the Harper College Police Department.

Harper College police officers have the same authority as municipal and state officers as well as sheriff's deputies. These duties include the authority to detain people, conduct investigations, gather evidence and make arrests. As such, all crimes and motor vehicle accidents that occur on campus should be immediately reported to the Harper College Police Department.

Emergency call boxes are strategically located throughout campus parking lots and by inner campus sidewalks. Locations can be identified during hours of darkness by noting the blue lights on parking lot light standards and sidewalk light standards (inner campus). The call boxes are immediately below these blue lights. Pushing the red emergency button puts you in direct contact with the HCPD Operations Center dispatcher.

For emergencies, contact the Harper College Police Department at 911. For non-emergency information call 847.925.6330.

Last Updated: 5/3/21