Bulletin Boards and Publicity

Announcements of College events can be found on:

  • print event listings;
  • the online Events Calendar
  • the Algonquin Road marquee
  • closed circuit television monitors
  • Student Engagement bulletin boards around the campus
  • Harper College social media accounts

Publicity must be approved by Student Engagement and may be hung or distributed only in designated locations according to posting guidelines. Recommended size is 8.5" x 11", but larger posters will be allowed if space is available. The name of the organization sponsoring an event should be clearly visible on all publicity material. A poster service is available to student clubs and organizations through Student Engagement, Building A, Room A336. A four (4) to six(6) week lead time is requested for design, printing and the campus posting. Every flyer posted on Student Engagement bulletin boards must be stamped for approval by Student Engagement, Building A, Room A336. Generally, posters will be displayed for a period not to exceed three weeks. Exceptions to these regulations may be requested through Student Engagement. Student Engagement campus bulletin boards are completely cleared at the end of each semester; fall, spring and summer. Postings will not be returned to the originator.

Only the two "Open Access" bulletin boards may be used to announce non-Harper for-profit events: one is in the Student Center, Building A, near the Registrar's Office (on the West side of the hallway); the other is in Building J, near J Theatre (across from the vending machines). Open Access bulletin boards are completely cleared on a monthly basis to allow space for updates and additional postings. Materials posted will not be returned.

WHCM airs public service announcements for on campus organizations and for non-partisan local service organizations.  For more information please contact 847.925.6488.

For further information, please contact Student Engagement at 847.925.6242.

Last Updated: 10/5/21