Campus Security Enhancement Act of 2008

The Campus Security Enhancement Act of 2008 (Public Act 095-0881, 110 ILCS 12 - 20) and its implementing regulations (29 Ill. Adm. Code 305) outline a variety of requirements designed to prevent violence on campus. One such requirement is that each Illinois college or university have a campus threat assessment team.

The Harper Early Alert Team (HEAT) serves this function for Harper College by guiding the campus community in assessing and addressing threatening and/or concerning behaviors before a person resorts to violence. Anyone who is concerned about a threat of potential violence should report it to the HEAT. The HEAT is not to be used in an emergency or imminent threat situation – individuals should contact Harper Police in these situations.

Students and other members of the campus community should be aware that they are expected to comply with requests or recommendations from the HEAT during threat assessment investigations or to assist with the monitoring of any threatening behavior(s). For more information or to report a concern, visit

Last Updated: 5/3/21