Student Engagement Awards Programs

An annual student engagement recognition event celebrates outstanding contributions made by students across many areas of campus life. Nominations are submitted by individual members of student organizations and by faculty/staff advisors, generally in March. Honorees are recognized at the spring semester celebration where they are presented with awards and other expressions of accomplishment and appreciation.

Student Service Awards are monetary awards for students who have made outstanding contributions to student engagement. These awards are granted for one semester. Since the budget is limited, only a specific number of students in each student organization are eligible for consideration. A designated number of organization officers and members may be nominated by the advisor and/or by other students, based on their performance, position, responsibility, leadership, length of service and involvement in student leadership programs. Only students who have served in their positions for the entire semester are eligible for consideration. Evidence of significant contributions must be documented in the recommendation.

More information on these award programs is available through Student Engagement.

Last Updated: 10/5/21