The Student Center

The Student Center offers space for formal and informal gatherings and student activities. Many of Harper's lectures, concerts, informal discussions, meetings, conferences and other activities are held in the Student Center. Its facilities include Cockrell Dining Hall, two TV areas, lounges, meeting rooms and offices for student government and other student organizations.  A variety of College offices are also housed in the Student Center. As a common area of the campus, individuals' behavior is subject to general time, place and manner guidelines.

To ensure efficient use of the facilities, the following building policies have been established:

  • Individuals are expected to be respectful of others who are using the facility. Any person or group causing a significant disruption to others may be required to leave and may be subject to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct or other appropriate means.
  • Given the open nature of the third floor of the Student Center it is restricted to currently-enrolled Harper students. Additional regulations may be posted in that area and if disruptive behavior occurs Student Engagement may impose restrictions on use.
  • Programs are occasionally held in the Student Center that may require the relocation of students from one area to another. In such cases, regulations will be posted or announcements will be made indicating the affected area. The fireplace and lounge area may be closed during formally scheduled activities in the lounge.
  • Connecting electronic devices, such as gaming systems or phone chargers, to College operated televisions in the Building A Student Center is not permitted without prior approval from Student Engagement.

  • Closed captioning shall be featured on all Student Center televisions as it provides an important connection to news, entertainment and information for individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing
Last Updated: 10/5/21