Technology Resources

I. Philosophy

Harper College provides technology resources, software and facilities to further the College’s mission. Access and use of facilities is a privilege and must be treated as such by all users.  Acceptable use is based on common sense, common decency and civility. Users are subject to guidelines set in this Acceptable Use Policy.

II. Risk and Responsibility: Email, Internet Resources, and Electronic Files

A. Security

Harper College utilizes best practices and industry standard to protect data and to filter materials that are transmitted or received via the College. Harper College does not assume liability for offensive material that any user may encounter such as material that is illegal, defamatory, obscene, inaccurate or controversial.

Users are responsible for all activities originating from their account(s), including all information sent from, intentionally requested, solicited or viewed from their account(s) and publicly accessible information placed on a computer using their account(s). Users are responsible for logging off applications/computers to prevent unauthorized access. 

B. Privacy

Users are strictly prohibited from accessing files and information other than their own, those which were intended for the user, and those for which the user has permission from authorized College personnel to access.

The College reserves the right, to access its systems, including current and archival files of users’ accounts; if that access would be imperative to conducting College business; if there is strong evidence of improper usage; or if there is strong evidence of impropriety.  Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (IFOIA), electronic files can be inspected.  Any inspection of electronic files, and any action based upon such inspection, will be governed by all applicable federal and state laws and by College policies.

C. Education and Training

All users have the responsibility to use the facilities and all forms of technology resources in an ethical and legal manner.  Users are expected to follow equipment and lab usage guidelines and, when necessary, receive training in the use of these resources and accept responsibility for their own work.  Users are responsible for learning and properly using the features of securing and/or sharing access to data.

D. Personal Use

As a result of agreements Harper College has with technology providers, users may be offered technology for personal use. If users take advantage of these offers, any agreement, conditions or terms of use are between the user and the outside technology provider. Information resource providers outside the College may, in turn, impose additional conditions of appropriate use, which the user is responsible to observe when using those resources.

III. Unacceptable Uses

It is the joint responsibility of all users to help avoid unacceptable uses such as but not limited to:

  • Using the resources for any purpose, which violates federal laws, state laws or College policies.
  • Using the resources for commercial purposes.
  • Misrepresenting the user’s identity or affiliation in the use of information technology resources.
  • Creating, sending, storing or soliciting patently harassing, intimidating, abusive, or offensive material to or about others.
  • Intercepting, disrupting, or altering electronic communications.
  • Using another person’s account, user ID, name, or password.
  • Sharing of individual user accounts and resources with another person or another organization.
  • Attempting to exceed, evade or change assigned specifications or limitation of an account without the approval of appropriate College personnel. Impeding the use of systems by others.
  • Attempting to corrupt the system.
  • Reproducing, copying, downloading or distributing copyrighted materials without authorization.

IV. Consequences

Abuse of these guidelines will result in possible legal action and/or official campus disciplinary procedures.  Incidents involving unacceptable uses will be handled through existing processes.

Last Updated: 5/3/21