Building Inspection

building inspection




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PLUMBING INSPECTOR CERTIFICATION (LBS 0042): This 10-week course prepares attendees to sit for the International Residential Plumbing Inspector exam. Become introduced to the basic code requirements for the proper installation of plumbing systems in one and two-family dwellings. Attendees will learn code requirements for the general administration plus requirements for pipe, pipe fittings, traps, fixtures, materials, and devices used in plumbing systems. Also included are requirements for the installation of fixtures, water heaters, water supply and distribution, sanitary drainage, vents and venting, traps for fixtures, and storm drainage.

PROPERTY MAINTENANCE INSPECTOR (LBS 0040): This 10-week course, based on the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code, prepares attendees to sit for the International Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector certification exam. Discussing the philosophy and attitudes surrounding property maintenance, attendees learn the value of a property maintenance program, identification of violations, basic plumbing, mechanical and basic safety systems, and methods of locating property owners for violations. 

RESIDENTIAL BUILDING INSPECTOR (LBS 0041): If you aspire to become a municipal inspector or are currently in this role and preparing to sit for the IRC exam, this course is for you. Over the 10-week program you will learn the use and application of basic building planning requirements for building systems and materials, view photos, discuss common code situations and discover practical problem-solving applications. Students should purchase the text, International Residential Code 2012 published by International Code Council (ICC), from an online vendor.

Please note, not all courses are offered every semester.