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Business and Management

CONTRIBUTING TO THE BOTTOM LINE (LMD 0008): All employees impact the bottom line of their organization in one way or another. Training staff to be aware of their contributions increases their understanding and may increase their success. Employee training can also impact profitability. As a manager, supervisor, or leader in your company, learn the key role you play in controlling costs, increasing sales, and building productivity leading to profitability. Learn how decision-making, listening, productivity, and budgeting also impact profits. Attendees come away with strategies to improve the bottom line.

EFFECTIVELY MANAGING CHANGE (LMD 0006): Change is an integral part of working in today’s organizations. Upsizing, downsizing, mergers, divestitures, reorganizations, and responses to economic and technical changes are commonplace. How we manage this change strongly influences our success as individuals and for the organizations in which we work. Learn how to focus on rebuilding commitment and productivity during times of change.

ENHANCING YOUR LEADERSHIP SKILLS (LMD 0007): Leaders exist in organizations because they are necessary to help focus individuals on organizational goals. Without leadership, individuals tend to go their own ways to satisfy their own needs. Explore what it takes to be an effective leader and how to use the appropriate leadership style to motivate others. Learn how to lead effectively in today’s ever-changing work environment.

TRAINING FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS (LMD 0009): What is the best way to keep valued employees as the economy grows and job opportunities increase? The competition for our top talent can be mitigated through high quality employee training. Learn about efficient but economical training options to assist employees in taking ownership and responsibility for their jobs. Discuss methods that open employee communications to discover what employees need to be successful, increasing their growth within the organization. Managers, supervisors, team leaders, and trainers will come away with new strategies to consider.

WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP (LCE 0002): Explore leadership styles between men and women. There is a general agreement in research literature that women face more barriers to becoming leaders than men do, especially for leader roles that are male dominated. This class will analyze differences in styles of leadership and the consequences of women in society as we become leaders and advance to higher positions in organizational hierarchies.


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