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Reduce Costs, Improve Processes, Increase Profitability

Become skilled and effective in applying the five Six Sigma steps (Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control), to many aspects of business including project management, manufacturing, distribution, service delivery, and customer satisfaction. Six Sigma methodology is widely used in industry to improve business process efficiency and reduce costs. Employees skilled in Six Sigma are highly valued.


AGILE SIGMA OVERVIEW (LBS 0016): Agile Sigma™ is the latest methodology for significantly increasing productivity and reducing project completion time using the Agile Scrum framework. Utilizing the best of Six Sigma’s effective, sustainable processes for rapid, iterative delivery via the Agile approach, this method is a streamlined, customer-centric and data-driven approach delivering high-impact results. Click here to learn more about Agile Sigma.

DATA DRIVEN DECISION MAKING (LBS 0014): The Data Driven Decision Making badge signifies working knowledge of the key role that data play in improving business processes. Using statistical analysis, badge earners can demonstrate how to evaluate process changes and maintain and improve performance. Completers are equipped to understand, use, and analyze data to improve decision making.

LEAN TRAINING (LBS 0017): For business professionals including operations specialists and managers, this course equips participants to lead projects that increase productivity, reduce lead time and cost, and improve process quality. This course includes real life examples and exercises to ensure a practical understanding of Lean principles and tool usage. Participants will be able to apply this training directly in the workplace.

QUALITY AND PRODUCTIVITY WORKSHOP (LBS 0018): Gain a basic understanding and application of Six Sigma, Lean, and new Agile Sigma™ methodologies. Learn new skills through hands-on exercises that demonstrate the value of a customer-focused orientation and the positive impact of process improvement methods. Theory is supplemented with examples from manufacturing and transitional business process applications.

SIX SIGMA OVERVIEW (LBS 0010): Six Sigma Overview badge earners are able to discuss specific business improvement methodologies and explain the terminology and benefits of Six Sigma. This Overview course provides the foundational understanding needed to use Six Sigma processes to improve business performance.

SIX SIGMA FUNDAMENTALS (LBS 0011): The Six Sigma Fundamentals badge signifies that individuals understand the fundamental aspects of Six Sigma used to improve business performance. Individuals acquire knowledge of Six Sigma DMAIC and Lean business process methodologies, terminology and benefits. Badge earners can identify statistical methods and tools that underpin Six Sigma.

SIX SIGMA YELLOW BELT TRAINING (LBS 0012): The Six Sigma Yellow Belt badge says that earners are ready to participate on Six Sigma projects typically led by Green or Black Belts because they understand the techniques of Six Sigma, its metrics and process improvement technologies with a focus on the DMAIC approach. Completers are able to improve the effectiveness of employees in their support of Six Sigma and enhance problem solving using Six Sigma strategies and tools.

SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT TRAINING (LBS 0013): The Six Sigma Green Belt badge represents that earners are able to lead a Green Belt project using the DMAIC approach and Lean manufacturing tools. Individuals acquire hands-on experience using in-depth modules and exercises for each of the DMAIC phases. Completers are able to improve the effectiveness of employees in their support of Six Sigma and enhance problem solving using Six Sigma strategies and tools.

Please note, not all courses are offered every semester.


I've had 3 courses with Tim so far, including the Six Sigma Certificate Course. In my work and educational experience I've had the fortune of observing many styles of instruction and leadership.  Tim has displayed strength in both these areas.  He was very well organized and prepared for each class, provided ample breaks between intense learning sessions, and clearly had is heart on ensuring that all students captured the lesson(s).

Tim is an obviously seasoned businessman, and provided a continuous flow of real life business/corporate examples throughout all three courses,  allowing students to better understand the strategy behind the Six Sigma & Data Analytics tools that were being taught.  I see him as being an incredible asset to Harper in the coming years, and am thankful for the opportunity to have had him as an instructor.

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