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CE Catalog Summer 2018Our Destiny Awaits

Corny, perhaps, but true. On Monday, July 9, 2018, the new CE website, built on top of the Destiny One registration system, will go live as we begin taking registrations for fall term.

For you, as a CE instructor, Destiny opens up a new range of possibilities for promoting your courses. You can have a much more direct impact on whether your course runs or is cancelled for low enrollment.

  • First, you will have your own instructor account in the Destiny system. We'll send you an email sometime in June with instructions for accessing your account.
  • Second, every single course offered by CE will have its own web page, with many content options including an instructor photo and bio, detailed course descriptions, images and video clips, and hyperlinks to other resources. You will be able to provide these content components and contribute to the success of your courses.
  • We believe that video can play a important part in bringing your courses alive for prospective students. We will be scheduling sessions where you can come to Harper and record a video message telling students about your course and explaining what they will take away from it. More on this soon.
What you can do now....

Promoting CE Courses

Here are some ideas and resources for promoting courses:

The Harper CE marketing staff (cemktg@harpercollege.edu) develops and implements a wide variety of promotional campaigns and materials to inform past and potential students about our programs and encourage them to enroll. We are like an in-house marketing agency with many tools at our disposal and only limited by our budget, bandwidth, and imaginations.

As a CE instructor, you are uniquely positioned to encourage future students about your courses. Anything you can do to promote your Harper CE courses is helpful and much appreciated. Our only requirements are that you maintain Harper College standards when you use our name and logo and that you provide us with content and images of acceptable quality for use in content we develop. A student testimonial, social media post, or presentation may make the difference in persuading students to enroll and helping to avoid canceled classes.

Think about what might help promote your courses and then get in touch with CE Marketing. It will save time if you complete this Marketing Project Request Form before we get together to talk about your project.

Here are some of the promotional tools available to you:

  1. CE web pages: While we can’t currently produce a web page for each of our 600+ courses, we cover as much information as we can on the Harper College CE website at harpercollege.edu/ce.
  2. The CE Course Schedule: We post digital versions of our Course Schedule and other downloadable documents on the CE website. And we print and distribute the comprehensive CE Course Schedule to as many as 170,000 households in our district three times a year. Let us know if you can distribute copies of the printed Course Schedule and we’ll get you a stack.
  3. CE Now!-the CE Blog: We have developed the CE Now! as a platform for developing and disseminating course-related news and information. Subscribers get emails when we publish new posts. Subscribe to the CE Blog at https://harpercollegece.com/. You are more than welcome to submit ideas and content, including images and videos for blog posts. You might also consider becoming a regular contributor. Contact CE marketing to get started.
  4. Social media: Posts published on the CE Blog are regularly pushed out to the Harper CE social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Tumblr. You may want to post course information to your personal or business Facebook page, Twitter account, blog, etc.
  5. Emails and newsletters: Using the text below as a guide, you may want to send emails or newsletters to past or prospective students. Replacing the text in brackets with your own information:

I am excited to be teaching a course titled [insert course name] this year through Harper College Continuing Education, and I think you would love it. The course runs from [insert start date] to [insert end date] and takes place on [insert day of the week] from [insert start time] to [end time]. I would love to have you in the course. Please share this information with others. This is a non-credit class, open to the general public. Find more information and register at: harpercollege.edu/ce. Don’t wait to register; classes can fill quickly.

  1. Flyers and collateral: Request a course flyer for distribution by hand or via email and social media. You can receive up to 50 black and white printed flyers, as well as .pdf or .jpg versions. Please allow two weeks for production. We recommend submitting your flyer request six weeks prior to the start of your class. For consistency and accuracy, all course flyers will be created by Harper College and will not include any information about non-Harper courses, products or services. We can include a photo in your flyer. Submit content to cemktg@harpercollege.edu for review. Only photos you have taken yourself or those for which you have permission will be considered.
  2. Press releases and media coverage: Some Harper CE courses can garner press coverage. Contact CE Marketing if you know of a good opportunity to get press coverage for your course.
  3. Open houses/Events: Your class may be well suited for promotion at one of our Information Sessions or open houses such as the LLI Annual Preview or InspireU event. Engage prospective students and encourage enrollment by making a presentation about your course.
  4. Market research and surveys: Online surveys delivered through a link in an email are a great way to find out how people reacted to your course or to learn what they'd like to take next. CE can offer survey development services using Survey Monkey, the leading online survey tool. Email CE marketing to discuss how surveys might help your promotion.
  5. Working your network: testimonials and telling other: In a marketplace economy increasingly driven by Consumer Reviews, a positive review from a student or opinion leader remains a great way to create interest in your class. Positive feedback from students will help get new enrollments. Often, the most successful form of promotion is word-of-mouth. Talk about your upcoming course; invite your neighbor in person; or call/e-mail your colleagues.
  6. Advertising: You may know of special publications (newsletters, magazines, or websites) that your target audience reads often. Let us know about special advertising opportunities, including digital advertising.
  7. Videos: We are looking to add videos to the “Quick Look” series on our YouTube Channel. We are also beginning to produce a series of short course profile videos where CE instructors discuss their courses specifically. Instructors provide answers on camera to these three questions: 1) Why should students take your course?; 2) Why do you teach this course?; and 3) What will studens take away from this course?

The Harper College Continuing Education Mission

The Harper College Continuing Education Division enriches its diverse communities by providing quality, professional and accessible education and training. In collaboration with its partners, Continuing Education inspires the transformation of individual lives, the workforce, and society. We accomplish this through:

  • Our commitment to the success of each student from registration to evaluation.
  • Excellence in program content, instructional talent, and the learning environment.
  • Comprehensive, need-driven programs and activities.

CE is a self-sustaining division expected to pay all its own bills from tuition and fees plus occasional grants, although these are minimal. CE develops its own courses based on perceived needs and interests of “lifelong learners” and others in our community seeking to enrich their careers and lives .


Email cemktg@harpercollege.edu with your questions and ideas.