Interactive Website Design

Interactive Web DesignBuild credentials and become master of your own domain.

Fact Sheet: Interactive Web Design

Combine your design creativity and technical skills and become adept with the key technologies used to design, build and maintain websites. This ten-course program provides in-depth instruction and experience with the most widely used web design technologies and techniques to help you create well-designed sites that set you apart from the competition. You'll learn how to specify, configure and arrange various web page elements for greatest impact and how to interconnect web assets to create interactive websites that will engage your visitors. The Interactive Website Design Digital Badge Program has been voucher approved by workNet Northern Cook County.


  • Introduction to HTML, LCT 0190
  • Intermediate HTML, LCT 0290
  • Web Design and Usability Techniques, LCT 0201
  • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets, LCT 0210
  • Intermediate Cascading Style Sheets, LCT 0215
  • Introduction to JavaScript Programming, LCT 0193
  • Introduction to jQuery, LCT 0220
  • Intermediate jQuery, LCT 0320
  • Responsive Website Frameworks, LCT 0420
  • Interactive Website Design Portfolio Workshops, LCT 0500

Each student must pass the Interactive Website Design Portfolio Workshop after completing all the required coursework.


Basic Internet and Microsoft Office skills. 


All courses are held at the Harper Professional Center, 650 E. Higgins Road, Schaumburg.


All courses in this program may be taken independently.


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