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ARTISTIC WELDING (LEI 0077): Have you walked through an art fair and seen ornamental metal sculpture? Some are on tall rods, some wave gracefully in the wind, while others are anchored in place by planters overflowing with colors. Here you will create elements of your own design in steel and copper to make your indoor or outdoor space as individual as you are. This class will provide you with user-friendly instruction in steel handling techniques including MIG welding and plasma cutting. These are the easiest and the safest methods to learn. No previous welding experience is necessary, but basic welding safety will be stressed. The instructor will assist with welding parts of your project as necessary.

BRONZE CASTING (LEI 0076): The lost wax method of bronze casting dates back more than 5,000 years and is still regarded as the most precise casting method in existence. The process ensures that there is incredibly accurate reproduction of your original sculpture, with all of the original, exquisite detail recaptured. In this course, designed with the beginner in mind, we will provide demonstration and one-on-one assistance to help you learn this fascinating process. Students will be required to purchase metal. 

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CARDBOARD CARVING (LEI 0305): There are many methods you can use to create an image. In this class, you’ll draw patterns and images and then transfer them to cardboard to be carved. The instructor will guide you through the process. You may recycle cardboard and utilize what you already have and turn it into art. The final results will look incredible, especially after color spraying! This course is designed for beginners, but is also suitable for artists seeking a refresher. Find the supply list for this class at harpercollege.edu/ce/information/supply.php. No experience necessary.

MOLD-MAKING (LEI 0019): Mold-making is a process used by artists to replicate objects from life or to transfer an object to a different material. You will learn to make basic molds to replicate everyday objects or your own sculpture. Mold materials will include plaster and rubber. You will complete the class by casting replicas using either slip cast clay or molten wax. Take advantage of learning traditional mold making techniques for rapid prototyping.

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