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ITALIC CALLIGRAPHY I (LEI 0047): Many people associate the word calligraphy with this Italic style of artful writing. Italic lettering comes from late 14th century Italy and is a formal, slanted alphabet still popular today. Learn basic letter forms using a broad-edge dipped pen to create lovely handwritten envelopes, place cards or certificates. Supply list can be found at

SPENCERIAN CALLIGRAPHY (LEI 0049): For the tried and true romantic, learn the traditional penmanship of the Victorian era. Spencerian calligraphy combines elegant efficiency with graceful, lacy capitals and features sweeping strokes. By learning the techniques of this fine art, you can fashion beautiful, customized invitations as well as cards and personalized notes for an array of purposes, perhaps even as keepsakes which express your passionate and tender hidden self.

UNCIAL LETTERING (LEI 0072): Uncial is written entirely in capital letters. Popular since the early Middle Ages and continuing to this day, Uncial letters were used to write in Greek, Gothic, and Latin, as in the Book of Kells. The Uncial class is a great introduction to broad-edged pen lettering and study which will help participants understand pen angle and line spacing. You will learn the fundamental skills necessary to all future calligraphy studies, and you will also have a chance to view a wide variety of calligraphic works for inspiration and guidance. The fascinating and detailed symbols and drawings of Kells make this class especially fun and interesting. No previous experience or good handwriting needed!


Please note, not all courses are offered every semester.