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INTRODUCTION TO GLASS FUSING (LEI 0043): Glass fusing is an exciting art form where you fuse compatible glass pieces together in a kiln to create jewelry pendants, decorative wall tiles or mold-formed bowls, plates or vases. Examine various finished projects and discuss how they were made. Learn basic glass cutting and shaping skills, cleaning and layering techniques, and basic kiln programming. Previous experience not required. Tuition and fees include tool rental, some supplies and fusing fees. Purchase the glass of your choice for projects. Contact Suevel Studios for supply list one week prior to start of class at 224.735.2376.

STAINED GLASS FOR BEGINNERS: COPPER FOIL METHOD (LEI 0051): Learn how to cut and shape glass and assemble a stained glass panel using the Tiffany copper foil method. You will select your project from several beginning patterns provided by the Studio. Warning: You may have so much fun in this class that you will develop an overwhelming urge to create more. No experience necessary. Price includes tool rental and some supplies. You must purchase glass, copper foil, solder and framing material for your chosen project. Contact Suevel Studios at 224.735.2376 prior to the start of class for supply list.

STAINED GLASS FOR BEGINNERS: LEAD-CAME METHOD (LEI 0055): You will practice glass cutting and shaping, project assembly, soldering and final clean up, all while building your very own stained glass panel. Projects will be simple lead-came panels from a variety of full-size patterns provided by the studio. Tuition and fees include tool rental and some supplies. You will need to purchase your own glass, lead came, solder and cement for the project. Please contact Suevel Studios at (224) 735-2376 one week prior to the start of class for supply list. Prior experience or the STAINED GLASS FOR BEGINNERS: COPPER FOIL METHOD class is required as a prerequisite.

STUDIO V: ARTIST MEMBERSHIP (LFL 0010): Enrollment in this class allows artists to display and sell their work in Studio V per their consignment agreement.

Please note, not all courses are offered every semester.