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ACRYLIC ADVENTURES (LEI 0008): The versatility of the acrylic medium allows artists to use experimental techniques, mixed-media applications, stencils, and pouring mediums. Acrylic can open doors for various other contemporary approaches to making art. Different materials enrich your acrylic painting style and open your imagination to new possibilities. This class is designed for beginning painters with some experience who want to continue learning about painting techniques. Over eight weeks, you’ll learn with the help of in-class demonstrations and one-on-one advice from the instructor. Please consult the materials list for the course. Completion of OIL AND ACRYLIC PAINTING 101: BEGINNING is encouraged.

GOUACHE WATER COLOR (LEI 0378): Opaque watercolor was the most widely used medium in commercial art from the 1930’s through the 1960’s. Beginners and professionals alike enjoy gouache for its unique qualities. You can make changes readily; the paint dries quickly, and your process can be controlled at all times. This course covers the use of materials as well as essential skills. A favorite medium of illustrators and graphic artists, gouache is also prized by watercolor artists for adding color and special effects to their paintings. Offered by District 214. Location: John Hersey HS 1900 E Thomas St, Arlington Heights, IL 60004. Room 146, Door 1.

OIL AND ACRYLIC PAINTING 101:BEGINNING (LEI 0009): While you learn the fundamentals of painting with both acrylic and oil paint, you will be creatively challenged to develop your skills. If you are a beginning student, you will work initially with oil (a more forgiving medium) before trying your hand with acrylic paint. Our instructor uses an individualized approach to teaching which stresses demonstration and practice of the techniques needed to achieve your desired result. Completion of Drawing 101: Beginning or a similar experience is encouraged.

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PAINTING IN THE PARK (LEI 0037): This outdoor class provides you with new and unique opportunities to gain deeper insights into painting and nature. You are welcome to use any technique and/or medium including drawing, watercolor, or dry-brush painting. The instructor will cover the fundamentals of color, color mixing, painting techniques, approach, depth, and composition. The class is intended for enjoyment and enlightenment. Easels will be provided. Students meet at a designated location on the Harper campus. No experience necessary. 

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Please note, not all courses are offered every semester.