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HOW TO TAKE BETTER TRAVEL PHOTOS (LEI 0259): The class will cover the best types of cameras, lenses, cover composition and software apps to make your travel photos look great. You will learn the basics of framing, lighting, and the art of observation in the primary photo genres: portraits, landscapes, and documentary photography. Bring your camera to learn the best settings for shooting techniques.

PHOTO 102: BEGINNING PHOTOGRAPHY (LEI 0319): Get comfortable with how your camera works and get the best photographs possible. This course will help you understand ISO, shutter speeds, f-stops, depth-of-field, exposure and white balance. You will explore the use of different lenses, good composition and how dramatic lighting can make your photos more exciting. You will be introduced to the concepts of photographing people along with objects. Classroom instruction and hands-on practice through assignments will help you learn to get the most from your photographs. Finally you will touch on how to best print your digital photos. You must have a 35mm SLR digital camera with manual capability. Please, no point-and-shoot, film or cell phone cameras.

Click here to view our Beginning Photography video.

PHOTO 202: INTERMEDIATE PHOTOGRAPHY (LEI 0403): Go beyond the basics and discover how to create more compelling photographs. This course will help you further develop your photographic style and skills by focusing on composition, lighting, use of color and flash techniques. Telling a visual story through photojournalism, portraits, still-life, close-up, motion and outdoor composition will be discussed. Classroom instruction and hands-on practice through assignments will help you learn how to get the most from your photographs. This is an intermediate level course. Completion of Beginning Photography or the equivalent experience is suggested. You must have a 35mm SLR digital camera with manual capability.

PHOTOGRAPHER AS AN ARTIST (LEI 0407): This is an in-depth, hands-on course in photography as a visual art practice. It will help you become an engaging and active photographer and initiate a new interest in what you currently photograph. The course will explore the works and concepts of major photographic artists, and explore trends as well as practical applications for developing your own work and style.


INTRODUCTION TO ADOBE LIGHTROOM (LEI 0030): This course will help you get up and running with Adobe Lightroom for photographers. This software will help you create stunning images and get more done in less time. Get your photos organized and cataloged and protect your copyrights through automatically embedded data. Retouch portraits, remove flaws and defects, create instant galleries and slide shows, and attract search engines. Do it all from one easy place, Adobe Lightroom!

INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS (LEI 0044): This course will help you use Adobe Photoshop Elements software more effectively. The course is hands-on and will show you how to edit or retouch images, sort and organize collections, apply various styles and effects to your photos, convert an image to black and white, and create photo slideshows. The course will take place in one of our state-of-the-art computer labs equipped with Elements 2016.


INTRODUCTION TO FINAL CUT PRO (LEI 0258): Whether you’re trying to start, finish, or edit a video, or just want to find out how to add titles to your videos, our Final Cut Pro class can help you. You’ll learn how to use Final Cut Pro for the Apple Mac to create a video, tell effective stories, and correct or enhance color. Includes importing and exporting, building, managing and encoding projects, transitions, effects, working with the Timeline, and using the Final Cut editing tools such as storylines and three-point editing. You’ll also learn how to understand preferences and metadata. This Final Cut training class is geared toward first-time or new Final Cut Pro users.


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Please note, not all courses are offered every semester.