Drawing and Sketching

Drawing and Sketching


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COLORED PENCIL DRAWING FOR BEGINNERS (LEI 0022): Enhance your artwork by learning to effectively and creatively apply color to drawings in a relaxed environment. You will begin by following a step by step process to create a drawing to which you’ll then apply color. Learn blending styles, color layering effects and pencil strokes for rendering realistic images. Amaze yourself when you learn the easy techniques to make a simple coloring page a work of art. Even beginners will go home with a work of art suitable for framing. No drawing experience is necessary! Bring colored pencils, a regular #2 pencil, eraser and sketchbook.

COLORED PENCIL DRAWING TECHNIQUES (LEI 0023): Weeks of instruction are combined into one class so you can build on the skills you have and enhance your art. Tips, styles, techniques and color theory will be taught. We will do a simple step-by-step freehand drawing that will be completed in class. The challenges of colored pencils will then be addressed. Bring colored pencils, a regular #2 pencil, eraser and sketchbook.

COLORING WITH MOM & DAD (LEI 0024): Here is a great activity for the whole family. Moms, dads will enjoy the rewarding time learning the simple art of creating with your child (ages 8 - 12). This class will offer tips and tricks for coloring in a fun playful way. Bring colored pencils, a regular #2 pencil, eraser and sketchbook. Feel free to bring a snack to enjoy while coloring. No experience necessary. Maximum of 2 adults and one child per registration. Parent pays, one child free.

DRAWING 101: BEGINNING (LEI 0012): Learn the fundamentals of drawing and sketching which you can apply to other medium. Using a unique and highly effective approach, the instructor will guide you through the process of how to draw simple objects from real life. Working primarily with pencil, you will develop skills in composition, shading and one and two-point perspective. You will develop an understanding of light and shadow while drawing a variety of objects of various materials. This course is designed for beginners, but it is also suitable for artists seeking a refresher.

DRAWING 201: STUDIO (LEI 0013): Develop your skills through ongoing interaction with our expert instructor. If you have completed Drawing 101: Beginning or have the equivalent experience, you will enjoy a greater emphasis on rendering and producing a finished piece of work. The class will combine individualized attention with structured lessons that will help you to build and refine your fundamental skills, particularly in the area of human anatomy. Additional tools, including colored pencil, ink, pastel and charcoal also will be introduced.

DRAWING 301: PORTRAIT (LEI 0005): Learn to draw a realistic portrait in pencil from photographs and live models. You will progress from black and white to color, and you will use a variety of mediums including vine charcoal, charcoal pencil and soft pastels. You will cover the basic shape, simplified bone structure, muscles of the head and face, and proportions. You will learn to build the head out of its component pieces: nose, mouth, eyes and ears. Develop your own unique style and create stunning portraits that you will be proud to share. You should have completed Drawing 101: Beginning or have equivalent experience. A supply list is available on the Continuing Education website.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR MOTORCYCLE HELMET (LEI 0017): Use Sharpie Paint Pens to execute your own unique design and create a customized motorcycle helmet. Gain exposure to a variety of techniques including pointillism, hatching, cross hatching, cross contour, and random lines. We will work on your design concept prior to transferring it to the helmet. You provide your own helmet and supplies to fulfill your design vision. Sara Altieri is an avid motorcyclist with a studio art and graphic design background, specializing in contemporary acrylic painting. We strongly recommend that students complete LEI 0012, DRAWING 101 or have equivalent experience before enrolling in this class.

PERSPECTIVE DRAWING WORKSHOP (LEI 0066): Learn how to produce drawings that create the illusion of 3-dimensional space on a 2-dimensional surface by following step-by-step directions as you use the Renaissance theories of 1-point and 2-point linear perspective.

Please note, not all courses are offered every semester.