Memoir and Family History

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CREATE YOUR OWN COOKBOOK (LLA 0117): Have you ever wanted to publish your own cookbook? This class will help you pair your recipes with interesting vignettes and images to create a cherished gift for friends and family, a group fundraiser, or a published book to sell. Starting with your recipes, you’ll look at techniques to gather related memories from yourself and others. Using those memories, you’ll work on writing colorful anecdotes and finding photos or graphics to accompany the recipes. Finally, you’ll explore formats and printing options, so that you’ll be able to produce and distribute your masterpiece.

LEGACY: WRITING YOUR LIFE’S STORY (LLA 0239): Create a legacy for your family by writing the stories of your life. You may even consider publishing your memoir to share with the world. As inspiration, we’ll read stories by published authors and previous legacy students. In-class exercises and weekly assignments will get you started writing short stories about different times in your life. Learn self-reflection and writing techniques to create intriguing vignettes. By sharing your writings in class, you’ll help others recall memories and you’ll receive useful feedback on your writing. 

THE PERSONAL ESSAY: A WRITING WORKSHOP (LLA 0233): This course guides you through elements of how to write a personal essay. It will help you investigate your longings, identify the values expressed in your stories, and bring readers into the experiences you describe. It focuses on viewpoints that are filtered through the lenses of your personal experiences. Therefore, any topic counts, from the ridiculous to the lofty. These essays will be quite different from the one you may have written in school; rather, they should feel personal and inspired by your unique voice and observations. In the process, you’ll strengthen your own and your readers’ interpretation of your life story. The course will help you in editing and preparation of your essay for publication.

WRITING YOUR FAMILY HISTORY OR MEMOIR (LLA 0238): You have stories. Your family has stories. Some are humorous; some are inspiring; and one or two may just be tall tales. Now is the time to record these stories to pass down to future generations. You may even want to publish a book. You will learn techniques to interview family and friends, making them comfortable to share their tales. Self-reflection and writing exercises will help you write your own recollections in full detail. Once all the stories are collected, you will learn how to organize the writing process and create your personal masterpiece. This course is also offered in our LLI (50+) program as LLI 7021.

Please note, not all courses are offered every semester.