AWS (Amazon Web Services) Systems Operations

Earn a Harper College Continuing Education AWS Systems Operations digital badge as you prepare to sit for the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Level certification exam. This program covers the duties of those responsible for implementing, managing, and maintaining computer systems and a networking architecture in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment platform. AWS supports an array of cloud service models, including Infrastructure-As-A-Service, Platform-As-A-Service, and Software-As-A-Service. Students are introduced to the tools and knowledge they need to support existing cloud resources incorporated in these service models or on-premises resources that will eventually migrate to the cloud.

Required Courses:

  • LCW0600 AWS Fundamentals
  • LCW8601 AWS Systems Operations 


CompTIA Network+ or equivalent experience

Topics Covered:

  • Reach customers with AWS
  • Implement AWS storage and database services
  • Optimize compute and network services
  • Use AWS management tools
  • Secure an AWS deployment
  • Configure Virtual Servers
  • Configure Virtual Networks
  • Manage Data Storage and Databases
  • Secure AWS Resources
  • Manage Identity and Access
  • Deploy AWS Resources
  • Monitor AWS Resources
  • Monitor and Managing Billing
  • Optimize Performance

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