Big Data Analytics

Big Data AnalyticsFact Sheet: Big Data Analytics

With the growth of smart devices and the huge data they generate, plus the ability of computers to digest and learn from this data, Big Data Analytics has become a critical area of focus for most businesses. In this digital badge program, students will learn about predictive models that create business value from Big Data solutions, the technology (databases, query languages, architectures), and statistical techniques of Big Data Analytics.


  • LCT8400 Big Data Analytics


Basic understanding of statistics, databases, and data management.

Course Outline

  • The what and why of Big Data Analytics
  • Predictive modeling problem definition
  • Statistical concepts and tools
  • Relational databases
  • SQL and basic data visualization
  • Basic statistical analysis
  • The R programming language
  • Using the R language for prediction
  • Hands-on exercise using R
  • Storing Big Data - NoSQL frameworks
  • Storing Big Data - Hadoop and Hortonworks
  • Processing Big Data - MapReduce and unstructured non-RDBMS
  • Pig Latin and Hive Query Language
  • Advanced analytics
  • Hands on exercises using Pig and Hive
  • Using concepts of R, MR, Pig, and Hive to in a Big Data solution

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