Front-end Coding Boot Camp

Build credentials and become master of your own domain.

Combine your design creativity and technical skills and become adept with the key technologies used to design, build and maintain websites. This 48-hour course introduces responsive front-end programming using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Through project-based, hands-on learning, students will understand how these core languages blend together in developing interactive web pages. The program concludes with a self-paced responsive coding project.


Front-end Coding Boot Camp, LCT 8500


Students must be comfortable working in a PC environment and able to type a minimum of 15 words per minute.

Course Outline

  • Website development fundamentals
  • Overview of usability
  • Transforming a design into a programming building block
  • Programming fundamentals
  • Structure and syntax
  • Logic, lists, and functions
  • Project based learning
  • Develop a single website project


All courses are held at the Harper Professional Center, 650 E. Higgins Road, Schaumburg.


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