Electronic Bookkeeping

Electronic BookkeepingBecome skilled in using the leading bookkeeping tools to manage your business successfully 

Fact Sheet: Electronic Bookkeeping Summer 2018

Business owners, accounting clerks and traditional bookkeepers need up-to-date skills in modern bookkeeping systems and tools. Professional bookkeepers will always play key roles in business success, and the demand for bookkeepers skilled in the leading bookkeeping software is growing. Digital Badges offer a competitive edge and enhances your earning potential. Learn to run a successful business for yourself or someone else by keeping finances and tax information in order with accurate and current records. Training covers the major concepts and software products used in bookkeeping today including Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel.
The Electronic Bookkeeping Digital Badge has been voucher approved by workNet Northern Cook County. 


  • Bookkeeping Boot Camp, LBS 0115
  • Introduction to Excel 2016, LCT 0127
  • Intermediate Excel 2016, LCT 0227
  • Introduction to QuickBooks, LCT 0012
  • Intermediate QuickBooks, LCT 0112
  • Electronic Bookkeeping Portfolio Workshop, LCT 0400

Courses for this digital badge also may be taken independently.


Introduction to Microsoft Word or equivalent experience.


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