Internet and Computing Core ( IC3) Certificate

Gain computing confidence and hire-ability with this industry-recognized credential.

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Today, virtually every career and field of study is increasingly impacted by technology. Earn the IC3 Certificate and demonstrate your competence with the basic skills you need to succeed anywhere that requires the use of computers and the Internet.

IC3 (Internet and Computing Core Certification) is a global program that validates basic skills with the Internet and popular software including Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Office Suite. (Word, Excel, etc.) IC3 serves as a foundation for measuring proficiency in the latest key technologies and prepares you for achieving academic pursuits, meeting learning objectives, and attaining career goals. The IC3 is the first computer certification to be recognized by the National Skills Standards Board (NSSB). 


  • IC3 Computing Fundamentals, LWC 0510
  • IC3 Key Applications, LWC 0511
  • IC3 Living Online, LWC 0512



Certificate Tuition and Fees: $802

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