Real Estate Staging

Set your listing apart from the competition.

Transform your property into the hottest listing on the block using professional staging strategies. Recent data indicate the housing market is gaining strength. Since home-buying decisions are sometimes made within seconds of stepping through the front door; you can learn to set the scene for a great first impression that engages the buyer immediately and sells homes faster and for more money. For professional realtors, interior designers, builders, developers, homeowners and individuals looking to launch a new career, the Real Estate Staging program will show you how to transform your property into the hottest listing on the block using professional staging strategies. Whether you are a realtor, investor, homeowner or builder, learn the benefits of viewing a property through the eyes of the buyer and explore the most overlooked strategies that can set you apart from the competition, both in interior and exterior environments.


  • Real Estate Staging, LRE 0002

Tuition and Fees: $289

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More Real Estate Classes

Further your path in real estate and let Harper help you get there. There are four classes that go beyond the staging process, and prepare you for the licensing exam. As a license applicant, you must be 21, or 18 with with four semesters of of college, be a high school or GED graduate, and pass a state administered licensing exam.

Broker Pre-License, LRE 8170
This course provides you with instruction in real estate fundamentals. This course, plus the Applied Real Estate Principles course, fulfills the education requirements for obtaining an Illinois Real Estate Broker License. You are required to attend all sessions, which include

• Introduction to the license law and real property
• Basics of agency, seller and buyer relationships and counseling
• Local, state, and federal laws effecting real estate
• Brokerage, marketing and advertising, and market analysis and appraisal
• Financing options, contracts
• Independent contractor and employee status
• Occupational disciplines and business planning

Applied Real Estate Principles, LRE 8171
This course, plus the Broker Pre-License course above, fulfills the education requirements for obtaining an Illinois Real Estate Broker license. This course includes role play situations, case studies, and demonstration examples. You are required to attend all sessions, which include:

  • Listing presentations
  • Buyer representations
  • agency disclosures
  • Purchase agreements and handling offers
  • Negotiating, market analysis, and closing costs
  • Escrow money, fair housing, and anti-trust

Broker Post-License, LRE 8172
Brokers first licensed after April 30, 2011 must complete a 30-hour post-license course and pass an exam prior to their first renewal. This course fulfills the post-license education requirement and may also be used as the transition course that will take you from salesperson to licensed broker if you were licensed as a salesperson prior to May 1, 2011. You are required to attend all sessions, which include:

  • License law, local, state, and federal laws
  • Real property updates and risk management issues
  • Agency issues and strategies, seller and buyer counseling
  • Market analysis and appraisal and financing
  • Distressed properties, contracts and conveyance
  • Closing a transaction

Licensed to Sell: Broker and Sales Renewal, LRE 0118
Real estate brokers and sales agents required to fulfill up to 12 hours of Continuing Education to maintain their license qualify to take this online course. Topics include license law, escrow, agency, fair housing, environmental issues, and sales or broker relationship as it applies to the law. Successful completion will satisfy all requirements needed to renew the license.

Licensees receiving an original license with the last year of renewal period are exempt. A proficiency exam will be given at the end of the course to be taken at the Harper Testing Center. This is a home study program, and all materials will be mailed after registration.