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BICYCLE MAINTENANCE BASICS (LHF 0010): This class will cover cleaning and lubing, basic eight-point inspection, flat repair, gear and brake adjustments, and wheel truing on and off bike. Bring your bicycle to class and get hands-on experience. Additional material will be handed out in class. Tools and all cleaning supplies are provided.

ELECTRICAL REPAIR (LHF 0131): It is shocking, but true. You can easily handle your own minor electrical repairs! If you do not want to pay an electrician hundreds of dollars, you can learn to safely test and replace light switches, outlets, light fixtures, and ceiling fans. Be trained in the basics of home electrical systems and how you can make informed decisions concerning repairs, purchases and maintenance. This presentation is taught by Ernie Hagenow, Jr., a licensed electrician and principal of Genuine Electric, a local contractor.

GARDEN BENCH WORKSHOP (LLG 0006): Celebrate the coming spring by enjoying the sights and sound of nature from the comfort of your own hand-made wooden bench. Popularized by the naturalist and writer of the same name, the Aldo Leopold bench provides rustic charm and comfort to any yard, garden, or deck. All materials and tools are provided and no woodworking experience necessary!

WELDING FUNDAMENTALS (LHF 0100): We will utilize a user-friendly approach to introduce you to a potentially intimidating craft. You will practice various steel handling techniques, including MIG welding and plasma cutting, as we stress basic welding safety. You will complete a project which utilizes your new skills and allows you to develop a basic comfort level with welding and project work.

WELDING I (LHF 1110): Covers fundamentals of oxyacetylene welding theory and practices and beginning electric welding. Includes arc welding and gas welding, brazing and cutting in the horizontal position. Please note: This course enrolls both academic credit (MNT110) and noncredit (Continuing Education) students. All receive the same instruction and the focus will be on skills such as soldering, measuring, cutting, gluing, assembling and layout. Depending upon goals, Continuing Education students may wish to (but are not required to) fulfill all course requirements. Also offered for credit WLD110-C81. 

Please note, not all courses are offered every semester.