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FROM HUMOR TO HEALTH: COMEDY AND HEALTHY LIVING (LIO 0054): Experts will share the secrets of how to make life more enjoyable. Begin with Dobie Maxwell, a comedian who has performed on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and all over North America. He will help you get in touch with your funny side and discuss how to share that with others. Then, Cheryl O’Donoghue, MS, who has held senior executive positions with some of the area’s most progressive health care organizations and is a triple-certified life coach and health counselor, will introduce the health benefits of laughter. She will also show you astoundingly simple tips and techniques to help you chill out, lighten up and laugh more.

PERFECT HEALTH: THE CHOPRA CENTER FOR WELL-BEING AYURVEDIC LIFESTYLE PROGRAM (LIO 0094): With the new direction that the Affordable Care Act is taking us, personal accountability and responsibility for one’s health has become more important. The Chopra Center Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program’s strong grounding in self-knowledge and mind body health provides a holistic approach to wellness. Your instructor, Mary Beth Janssen’s mantra is, “self-care is the ultimate health care,” and your experience in class will be based on the best seller Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra, M.D. You will learn to bring balance and healing into your life through a powerful regimen of Ayurvedic practices designed to balance the body and mind, enhance nutrition, reduce emotional turbulence, and re-awaken the senses. In this five lesson course designed by Deepak Chopra, M.D. and David Simon, M.D., you will learn to achieve equilibrium and integration of mind, body, soul and environment. This will empower you to make nourishing choices, achieve healing, and experience change. Mary Beth is a certified Mind Body Health Educator for The Chopra Center. She is an author and teaches highly experiential wellness seminars, workshops and retreats worldwide.

RELATIONSHIPS: RAISING THE B.A.R.(LIO 0053): Learn how the three necessary elements of Boundaries, Apology, and Resistance lead to meaningful relationships and personal fulfillment in this fast-paced and fun workshop. Pamela Rak is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice. Her teaching style is dynamic, engaging, and meaningful.

RESILIENCE TO STRESS WITH IREST MEDITATION (LIO 0144): Deeply relax and restore with Integrative Restoration, or iRest®. Easy to practice, this guided meditation will help you learn relaxation, mindfulness and meditative inquiry practices to help you release negative emotions and thought patterns and calm your nervous system. You’ll gain the resilience to meet life circumstances with an appropriate response—as you experience a deep sense of ease and well-being. iRest is a proven effective approach to alleviating anxiety, fear, pain, depression, insomnia, PTSD, addictions and other health issues. Instructor Jacqui Neurauter is an iRest Certified BodyMind Therapist and Coach. Bring a small pillow and a mat or blankets to lie on the floor, or sit in a chair, and dress with layers. 



FAKE NEWS: NUTRITION EDITION (LLI 7050): Whether it’s self-styled experts peddling a product, sensationalist media headlines designed to catch your attention, or uninformed professionals who haven’t kept up with the research, there’s a bewildering array of sources of misinformation out there. Joan Davis’ Fake News: Nutrition Edition is designed to 1) provide a simple, practical approach to evaluating nutritional claims; 2) introduce you to databases and resources to get the answers that science supports; 3) discover red flags to watch for when reviewing research studies; and 4) give participants the tools needed to investigate and draw their own conclusions based on a “Show Me the Science” approach. Joan Davis is an RN. 50+ LLI Program.

GREENS, GRAINS, AND BEANS: WHOLE-FOOD, PLANT-BASED NUTRITION (LLI 1104): Whole-food, plant-based nutrition is emerging as one of the most popular trends of this century. That is good news considering the skyrocketing rates of obesity and serious chronic diseases in the USA. Instructor Joan Davis, RN, MS, will describe the surprising research and pioneering doctors helping people recognize the connection between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Whether you’re just curious or already committed to better eating, this class will provide information and inspiration towards better health and a longer life. 50+ LLI Program.

NUTRITION MYTH BUSTERS (LIO 0149): Whether it is an old food myth or one started by a modern fad, myths have no place in nutrition. You will engage with a nutritionist in this class to help you determine the best balance for your own nutritional needs. Madelaine Dickinson, RD, is a registered dietitian and nutritionist with extensive specialty training in integrative and functional medicine. Bring your questions and the myths you’ve heard and help turn fable into fact.

THE BLUE ZONE (LLI 6073): The National Geographic article on Blue Zones was one of the most popular ever published. Author Dan Buettner went on to write four best sellers on Blue Zones, the areas where folks not only live extraordinarily long lives, but do so with abundant energy. You will go on a virtual “hunt” to track down recognized “pockets of longevity” around the world including one found in the USA. Discover the secrets those living in the Blue Zones have to teach us, and focus on how they can enter their own personal “Blue Zone” of health and longevity. 50+ LLI Program.


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