Escoffier Online Culinary Arts

Begin your cooking career right in your own home.


Harper College, in partnership with the Escoffier Online Culinary Academy, offers you a professional chef's curriculum via richly detailed video tutorials and collaboration with classically trained chefs. You will access all the Escoffier self-paced, online materials for one year from the time of your enrollment. As a bonus when you enroll, receive a welcome kit including many of the kitchen tools needed for the program. Completing the Harper College Digital Badge program will help you build real-world kitchen credentials by studying and mastering many of the concepts and skills needed to begin a career as a professional chef.


  • Completion of the Escoffier Online Culinary Fundamentals Program.
  • Culinary Arts: Exam, LFS 0005.

Once you have earned the Escoffier Certificate of Completion, you will be eligible to take the Harper College Culinary Arts Exam. This in-person exam, a combination of written and hands-on testing, will evaluate your mastery of the materials you learned.


All classes are online. See registration information below for details.

Tuition and Fees: $2,545 and up, depending on payment method.

This groundbreaking Culinary Arts program includes four courses that you complete at your own pace over a year. You build real-world kitchen credentials by studying and mastering:

  • Auguste Escoffier and culinary professionalism
  • Classic cooking principles
  • Professional cooking equipment identification
  • Kitchen set-Up, knife skills and classic cuts
  • Seasonings: salts, exotic spices, seeds, international herbs
  • Egg and dairy cookery
  • Health and wellness foods
  • Pork and lamb
  • Beef: prime and economy cuts
  • Allergy and gluten-free foods
  • Fish: round and flat; quality and handling
  • Shrimp, crab and lobsters
  • Recipe conversion and kitchen math
  • Life skills and career development
  • Industry standard food sanitation and safety principles

To participate, you must have a computer with Internet access and a digital camera to provide images of your work that can be uploaded for assessment.

Pricing: The tuition for the Escoffier Culinary Arts Program is regularly $4,045. As a Harper College student, you are eligible for a 15% discount off full tuition. 

Registration: To register, contact Director of Admissions, Escoffier Online, at 224.698.2133 or and mention Harper.

Payment plans: There are a number of flexible payment plans available through our Escoffier partnership. Contact an Escoffier representative at 224.698.2133 or

Cancellation and Refund Policy: Read about the Online Culinary Arts Program refund policy.

Upon completing the Culinary Arts program, you will receive an Escoffier Certificate of Completion and eTranscript by The Escoffier International Online Culinary Academy. This not only documents the completion of the program but will also include your photographed work as part of an e-portfolio. Plus, the Culinary Arts program will show up on your Harper College transcript as well.

To compliment the experience you are gaining in the culinary industry, there are additional classes you should consider to round out your knowledge base:

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