Access and Disability Services

We are glad you made the decision to further your education at Harper College Continuing Education (CE). To help ensure your success, we strongly encourage all students with disabilities to utilize access, accommodation, and support services available through our Access and Disability Services (ADS) department.

How to Request Interpreting/Captioning Services

  • Requests for these services should be made 4 weeks prior to the start of class.
  • Approval by ADS for services BEFORE your classes begin is highly encouraged (recommended).
  • If you will be using Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) funding, it is advised that you meet with your DRS counselor to finalize all necessary documentation, such as the IPE, before your ADS interview.

Complete these steps in this order.

  1. First, apply for ADS services by completing the New Student Application. Upload all required documentation as indicated on the application.
  1. Second, call ADS Services to schedule your in-person interview (Voice: 847.925.6266 OR Video Phone for Deaf callers, 224.836.5048).
  1. Third, meet with your ADS Counselor to discuss and get approval for your appropriate accommodations.
  1. Fourth, contact the Continuing Education specialist (847.925.6616) to discuss specific program requirements and seek approval to register.
  1. Fifth, if approved, register for the CE class (847.925.6300).
  1. Sixth, notify your ADS Counselor that you are enrolled in the CE class so accommodations can be implemented.

Note: Although ADS makes every effort to fulfill requests for interpreter/captioning services after the suggested timeframe (4 weeks), there is no guarantee the request will be met.

If you have additional questions, contact ADS at or via phone at 847.925.6222 or via video phone for Deaf and Hard of Hearing at 224.836.5048.